Parallel Structure in English Grammar: A Complete Guide

Parallel structure, or parallelism, is a crucial aspect of English grammar that significantly contributes to the balance, clarity, and readability of your writing. However, I find many of my students either less concerned about it or they are not able to use them properly. Therefore, in this comprehensive guide, I will explain parallel structure in … continue reading

Is Maintaining Unity in Writing Important?

Unity is one of the primary characteristics of any effective writing. Unity means ensuring that all parts of your writing work together to convey a single, focused message. I find many of my students not that much concerned about maintaining unity in their writing. Therefore, their writings become less clear and effective. In this article, … continue reading

How to Maintain Coherence in Writing: Expert Tips

Coherence is the logical organization of ideas in a writing, ensuring that the writing flows smoothly and is easy for readers to follow. As an English teacher with years of experience, I’ve seen many students struggle with maintaining coherence in their writing. Therefore, in this post, I’ll share my expert tips on maintaining coherence in … continue reading

Master the Art of Writing: 23 Tips to Improve Your Skills

Writing is a skill, and like any skill, it takes time, effort, and practice to master it. By practicing writing regularly, you can develop your skills, learn from your mistakes, and refine your style. The more you write, the better you will become at expressing your ideas and engaging your audience. However, many people wonder … continue reading

Telling the Time in English: A Complete Guide

There are so many situations in our everyday life when you may need to tell someone the time. It’s common for us to get the question, “What time is it?” However, many ESL speakers sometimes struggle to respond appropriately to this question. Therefore, in this post, I’ll share how native English speakers tell the time … continue reading

50 Polite Ways to Interrupt Someone in English

Have you ever found it challenging to interrupt someone to express your opinion, make suggestions, or ask for further information? For ESL learners, interrupting someone while someone is talking can be difficult since the other person may not accept it happily if you are not polite and reasonable in your word choice. If you are … continue reading

Linguix vs. Grammarly: Which AI Writing Assistant Is Value for Money in 2023?

As AI is developing and being used in different sectors, writers are also using them to avoid unexpected grammatical errors or typos. There are so many online AI writing assistants that can offer you free assistance to make your writing error-free. However, in this post, I will draw a comparison between the two most popular … continue reading

Best Books to Help You Learn English in 2023

Though thousands of books are available online, it can be challenging for ESL students to find the most helpful ones. However, as ESL teachers, we regularly review books of different categories that can make our students’ English learning journey smooth and pleasant. The ESL team at ESL Advice has reviewed hundreds of books and come … continue reading

Best Udemy Courses to Learn English in 2023

We at ESL Advice believe that anyone can learn anything if guided well. So, finding a guide is very important, even if you prefer self-learning. That guide can be found online or offline. However, nowadays, online education has become easier to access compared to on-site education. As there are millions of sources to learn online, … continue reading

Best English Learning Platforms in 2023

There are so many websites available online that offer English language learning opportunities. Some websites like ESL Advice provides free tips and lessons to learn English. However, there are some websites that offer exclusive paid courses with no free offers. On the other hand, there are so many websites that have both free and paid … continue reading