ESL Advice Guest Posting Guide

This guide has everything you need to know to write for ESL Advice. We’ll only look at your pitch if you follow these guidelines. So please read them in full. If we don’t get back to you, it’s because you’ve not followed the guidelines.

What You Need to Know About Us

  • ESL Advice is an online platform for ESL (English as a Second Language) learners in which an expert team of ESL teachers shares exclusive tips and advice about the English language.

  • We promote self-learning of English through reading blogs and using other authentic materials, watching videos, and practicing as per the guidelines shared by the teachers.

  • ESL Advice has been successfully helping its readers for the last three years. With tremendous effort and honesty, we are growing too rapidly that we now have readers from more than 200+ countries.

  • We are operated by strict moral values with an intention to help the students who want to achieve their English language learning goals. Therefore, we only promote original helpful contents that were not published elsewhere.

What You Should Do Before You Pitch Us

  • Read our blog and try to understand the type of our posts. Make sure you clearly understand the format and the language of the posts available on our website, especially the category (SpeakingOpens in a new tab./WritingOpens in a new tab./GrammarOpens in a new tab./TipsOpens in a new tab.) you are interested in.

  • Try to find out what ideas we have not covered yet on our website. As we usually write how-to posts, you should try to find some how-to questions we have not answered yet.

What You Should Know About Our Guest Post Policy

  • Your post must follow our blog post recipe. It’s a standard blog post guideline that we follow at ESL Advice. See the attachment for the blog-post recipe. If you have any confusion regarding the recipe, reach us to our content development team at

  • You must submit an outline of your post first to get it approved by our content development team. As we work on the English language, your topic must be relevant to our niche. To submit an outline, please find the attached form, fill it out, and send us. We usually respond to the submitted outlines in three working days. However, it may get delayed due to the workload. Once your outline is approved, you may proceed to write the post.

  • The length of the post has to be between 1000 and 2500 words. However, you must not put unnecessary words to make your post longer. In that case, your post will be rejected by our review team.

  • Posts must be helpful, constructive, and 100% original. We do not republish existing posts on this blog.

  • For every 300 words, you must use an image/GIF or any other helpful visual content. Apart from that, you should also create a featured photo that will appear at the top of the post. Remember! The size of any image cannot exceed 100 KB. We recommend using copyright-free images. However, you must provide the link to the image source if you use any stock images.

  • You must use high-quality links that are helpful for our readers and correctly acknowledge the reference of any quotes, facts, or details. And most importantly, you must link to at least two relevant posts already published on ESL Advice.

  • You can only put five links in a post. You can use two links to promote yourself and the other three to refer to high-quality useful sources relevant to the post topic. If the links are spammy, highly promotional, and low-quality, your post will be rejected. However, our review team is aware that some posts may require referring to more sources. Yet, you can only use two links (including any link to your blog or social media profile) for your promotion. Any link related to you will be considered as your promotional link.

  • The Review Team usually takes five working days to decide whether your post is publishable. However, the team may take longer, depending on the workload.

  • The post will be published under the user account of the “Contributor.” However, your name and a short bio with a photo will be attached at the bottom of the post. Therefore, you are requested to submit your display name and a short bio (within 60 words) words with an image while submitting the post.

  • You must put “Guest Post Outline: [Title of the post]” while submitting the outline and “Guest Post [Title of the post]” while finally submitting the post.

  • All the guest posts will be the property of ESL Advice. We reserve the right to use them anywhere without your consent. We also reserve the right to remove any guest posts at any time if they appear harmful to our website (does not usually happen).

  • ESL Advice reserves the right to bring any changes to this guest posting guide.

If you agree to whatever you have read in this document, contact us now at to learn about the whole guest posting process that includes a few steps. Or send your queries through the following channel.

Thanks! Happy writing.