An Ultimate Guide to Using Determiners in a Sentence

Determiners in English

Knowing the proper use of determiners is very important to make proper use of nouns. I believe this ultimate guide to using determiners can be your best-helping hand if you want to use proper English while writing or speaking.      Determiners are adjectives and modifiers that are used before nouns to determine or clarify the … continue reading

Essential Rules of Using the Right Form of Verb

Right forms of verbs

Verbs are the mandatory element of any English sentence; we cannot even imagine a single sentence without a verb. More interestingly, every element of a sentence is somehow closely related to the verb of that particular sentence. In this post, I will discuss how different forms of verbs in relation to time and subject. I’ll … continue reading

All Rules of Using Articles: A, An, The

using articles in English

There are three articles in English—A, An, and The. These articles strongly connect with nouns as they help specify the standard of nouns. Unfortunately, many English language learners often get confused about choosing the right article while writing or speaking.    Articles are adjectives that help to identify whether the nouns refer to anything specific … continue reading