How to Ask for Opinions in English

ask for opinions

The most common way of asking someone for their opinions is “What do you think about it?” or “What is your opinion about it?” In our daily life communication, we ask for opinions from many different people in different places, for instance, at home, at school, at work, or in public places.  However, using the … continue reading

50 Examples of Polite Requests in English

examples of polite requests

This post contains affiliate links. We interact with a lot of people every day, and we usually happen to make polite requests to them. Making a polite request means asking someone to do something politely. For example: In this article, I’ve listed 50 common examples of polite requests based on different situations, like when you’re … continue reading

What Is the Ideal Length of a Good Paragraph

The ideal length of a paragraph may vary depending on the purpose of writing. However, we cannot deny the importance of a perfect length of a paragraph to make our writing good, readable, and effective. In this post, I’ll talk about the ideal length of a paragraph, along with the other characteristics of a paragraph. … continue reading

How to Identify & Use Direct and Indirect Objects

Direct and Indirect Objects

Direct object, indirect object, and object of a preposition— are the three types of objects in English grammar. However, as per my teaching experience, direct and indirect objects are the most confusing ones for most English language learners. In this post, I’ll discuss how to identify and use direct and indirect objects with proper examples … continue reading